Here's one fast rising New school Afro hip-hop artist  Noble Amadi_worlu popularly known as Mo_Cube and fondly called BLANCO (caballerro blanco) by his friends hails from the southern part of Nigeria (PortHarcourt, Rivers State  who's always laying weighty lyrics on  instrumentation's either Produced by him or other outstanding producers. The October 12th born Noble Amadi primarily grew up with music in his veins if you may ask me, growing up in a family that lived most of their lives in the church band where about 10 of his family members where church choristers... NOW I THINK THAT IS  WHERE THE INFLUENCE CAME FROM, From engaging in the Church boys brigade band and being the leader of his school band during his primary/nursery schooling (premier int' l school portharcourt, Rivers-state,



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